Prof. Monty Adkins

Dean of the Graduate School
Professor of Experimental Electronic Music

Prof. Michael Clarke

Professor of Music, Lead Researcher, Interactive Research in Music as Sound: Transforming Digital Musicology (IRiMaS)

Prof. Pierre Alexandre Tremblay

Professor of Composition and Improvisation, Lead Researcher,(FluCoMa) €2m European Research Council Consolidator Grant

Prof. Bryn Harrison

Professor of Composition

Prof. Philip Thomas

Professor of Performance

Dr Mary Bellamy

CeReNeM Co-Director
Senior Lecturer in Composition; Sub-Area Head for Composition; Postgraduate Coordinator for Music and Music Technology

Dr Alex Harker

CeReNeM Director
Senior Lecturer in Music Technology
Director, Creative Coding Lab

Dr Geoff Cox

Senior Lecturer in Music Technology

Dr Steven Jan

Reader in Musicology; Research Coordinator, Music & Music Technology

Dr Hyunkook Lee

CeReNeM Affiliate
Director, Centre for Audio & Psychoacoustic Engineering; Director, Applied Psychoacoustics Lab

Dr Benjamin Spatz

CeReNeM Affiliate
Senior Lecturer in Drama, Theatre and Performance; Co-Director, Centre for Research in Performance Practice; secondary affiliation

Stewart Worthy

Senior Lecturer in Music Technology; Subject Area Leader, Music & Music Technology


Postdoctoral Research Fellows & Assistants

Dr Owen Green - Research Fellow, ERC FluCoMa, Real-time Computer Music Systems
Dr Frédéric Dufeu - Postdoctoral Research Fellow, ERC IRiMaS
Dr Adje Both - Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow (secondary affiliation)

CeReNeM Visiting Research Professors and Visiting Research Fellows

Richard Craig - Visiting Research Fellow; Head of Performance at Bangor University
Dr Iñigo Ibaibarriaga - Visiting Research Fellow; Conservatorio Jesús Guridi Vitoria-Gasteiz
Dr Sam Pluta - Visiting Research Fellow, Creative Coding Lab; Assistant Professor, University of Chicago
Dr Miller Puckette - Visiting Research Professor, Creative Coding Lab; Professor, University of California at San Diego

Externally Funded Visiting Researchers

Jøran Rudi - Leverhulme Visting Professorship, 2021-2022
Nolan Hildebrand - Canada Graduate Scholarships, Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplements, February–April 2022

Previous Externally Funded Visiting Researchers & Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr James Bradbury - Research Fellow, ERC FluCoMa, Creative Coding
Dr Ted Moore – Research Fellow, ERC FluCoMa, Creative Coding
Dr Keitaro Takahashi - Research Fellow, ERC IRiMaS, Digital Signal Processing
Dr Michelle Assay - Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow (secondary affiliation)
Dr Igor Contreras Zubillaga - British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr Sam Gillies - Research Assistant, AHRC, "Gerhard Revealed"
Dr Mia Pistorius - Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow (secondary affiliation)
Dr Gerard Roma - Research Fellow, ERC FluCoMa, Creative Coding Practice
Dr Chris Melen - Research Assistant, AHRC Cage Concert for Piano and Orchestra
Dr Kristina Wolfe - Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellow 
Dr Luc Döbereiner - FWF Schrödinger Fellow, 2016–18

Honorary Appointments

Mr Graham McKenzie - Artistic Director, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival
Emeritus Prof. Richard Steinitz - Emeritus Professor of Composition; Founder, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival
Emeritus Prof. Barrie Webb - Leverhulme Professor Emeritus