• Andy Holroyde
  • Sarah Rogers
  • Anne Fallon
  • Amanda Gwinnup
  • Olivia Gordon
  • Jeanette Hargreaves

Recent completions include:

  • Michael Young, ‘Mental health of British in India, 1858-1947’
  • Alice Brumby, ‘Mental health services in the poor law in Yorkshire, 1880-1929’

The CHH’s research into health policy benefits from the invaluable holdings of our university library. Our staff and students receive training and support in advanced information searching with dedicated library staff for each subject area.

Our research community also has access to the archives at Heritage Quay housed within the University of Huddersfield. These publicly-accessible, invaluable documents include the oral histories of nurses (Graham Thurgood archive), women’s employment in nursing and midwifery (Huddersfield Royal Infirmary Archive) the statistical study of social history and health of West Yorkshire in the early 20th century (GH Wood archive) and many other topics relating to health history.

The University campus is home to the Holocaust Exhibition and Learning Centre with a growing collection of material relating to refugees and survivors, including a number of health-related topics.