Centre Associate Laura Haughey's Deaf/Hearing Theatre Work in New Zealand
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An international panel comprising   Prof. Franc Chamberlain, Prof. Daniel Pla, and Dr. Deborah Middleton has been scheduled at the International Symposium for Contemplative Studies in Boston, November 2014. The panel will present, and lead a discussion on, Buddhist Meditation and Psychophysical Actor Training.


In 2013/14, the Centre saw four candidates successfully defend their doctoral theses. All four are now continuing to develop their research in exciting ways.


Dr. Eilon Morris, whose PhD was VIA RHYTHMÓS: An Investigation of Rhythm in Psychophysical Actor Training, is now working on a book, Rhythm in Acting and Performance (Bloomsbury, 2016), as well as touring as a performer and teacher with Duende Ensemble, Obra Theatre, and the musical group, Stems. Morris has also had a chapter published in John Britton (Ed) Encountering Ensemblewww.eilonmorris.com.


Dr. Hilary Elliott, a Senior Lecturer in Performance here at Huddersfield  whose PhD research was THE PLACE FROM WHICH I SEE: a practice-led investigation into the role of vision in understanding solo performance improvisation as a form of composition,has published an article ‘The fifth appendage’: investigating the role of vision in solo improvisational dance training"  (Theatre, Dance and Performance Training, 5 (1), 2014) and will contribute an essay to the forthcoming Handbook on Improvisation in Dance, (Oxford University Press).


Dr. Laura Haughey, whose PhD research was entitled Practical Proprioception: An examination of a core physiological foundation for physical performer training, took up a full-time Lecturer post at the University of Waikato in New Zealand. Laura also continues her work on inclusive arts with Equal Voices, and hosted a workshop series in New Zealand in April 2014. See: http://www.equalvoices.co.uk/blog/theatre-workshops-with-bill-hopkinson-and-dr-laura-haughey-at-the-university-of-waikato/


Dr. Karoliina Sandstrom, whose PhD research was entitled Self and No-Self: An examination of the role of ideas about the self in actor training,  is now based in Mexico City where her studio Espacio Kuu is the base for a programme of training, research, and performing making. Karoliina has acted in two projects of the Taller de Investigacion Teatral, and is currently developing plans for a post-doctoral research programme with colleagues at the University of Veracruz at Xalapa.


In April 2014, Eric Hetzler and Jessica Beck ran a weekend workshop in The Alba Emoting Technique.  http://www.hud.ac.uk/courses/supporting/dram/events/albaemotingmethodweekend.php


In March 2014, the Drama Division hosted a performance and workshop by Bruce Myers. See: http://www.hud.ac.uk/news/2014/march/brucemyerscelebratedclassicalactorperformsinhuddersfield.php


In October 2013, the Centre held its first conference: Psychophysical Performance as Mindfulness Practice. See http://www.hud.ac.uk/news/2013/november/conferenceexaminesthepsychophysicalactor.php


In August 2013, Centre Associate John Britton published Encountering Ensemble, an edited collection with major sections authored by Britton, and including contributions from  Centre staff and associates: Visiting Professors Zarrilli and Camilleri; Prof. Franc Chamberlain; Dr. Eilon Morris..