This archive contains documentation relating to Nicolás Núñez’s long-term relationship with the University of Huddersfield, where he has given lectures, workshops and performances since 1996.  It is hoped that this archive will be a valuable resource for those interested in psychophysical performance training, and in Núñez’s unique synthesis of ritual and performative sources.  You will find here an index to the full list of digitised documentation held in the Drama Department, as well as selected, edited extracts showing key dynamics and exercises, and photographs and transcripts of previously unpublished materials.  The archive will continue to develop as further materials are edited and uploaded.

Nicolás Núñez has been the director of the Taller de Investigación Teatral (Theatre Research Workshop or TRW) since 1975 when it was established at the National University in Mexico (UNAM).  The TRW set out to explore the bases of a theatre which would respect both the indigenous and European traditions of Mexico. With his long-term collaborator, Helena Guardia, Núñez carried out extensive research with Grotowski; at the Tibetan Institute for Performing Arts in India; and with indigenous communities in Mexico.  Since 1984, he has developed a series of 'dynamics' - psychophysical training structures - and created numerous theatrical productions, each representing a unique blend of ritual and theatrical sources.

“Nicolás Núñez and Helena Guardia are stalwart performance pioneers bringing together the very new and the very old.  Their work in the Grotowski tradition is fused with their enduring research and artistic  work.

This work has taken them deep into Nahuatl theatre and ritual, dance  and music. Nicolás's book, Anthropocosmic Theatre is a fine example of his deep thought. Both Nicolás and Helena continue their decades-long active researches which take the form of intense workshops, theatrical productions, and writing.”   (Richard Schechner)


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