This research group has been active in seeking research funding on major interdisciplinary projects, including a Leverhulme Research Trust ('From Language to Landscape: Cultural Exchanges between Rome and China from the 17th to the early 18th Centuries', shortlisted to final stage), and a forthcoming AHRC bid ('Architecture, Music and Ritual in Papal Rome - 1443 - 1527)'. Current areas of research interest include the following:

  • Historical Connections between Architecture and Linguistics.
  • Relation between Intellectual History, Architectural Theory and Design.
  • Architecture and Landscape between Europe and the Orient.
  • The Architectural Treatise and Developments in Design Education.
  • Pedagogy in the Design Studio.
  • Relation between Architectural Education and Practice.
  • Theatre Design in the Post-War Period.
  • Post-Modernism and Deconstruction.

Members of the group teach on both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. They are interested in supervising PhD students on a range of topics related to their current or past research interests.