Lead: Professor Adrian Pitts, Professor of Sustainable Architecture

Professor Pitts has been at the forefront of developing teaching in the areas of sustainable environmental design and energy efficiency for over 20 years and at three different universities. He has also led numerous research projects concerned with sustainable and green design and has a particular interest in design quality with practical outcomes. At Huddersfield, he is also Co-Chair of the University's Education for Sustainable Development Forum which supports the integration of sustainability and global citizenship into the teaching and learning processes of the University.

The Sustainable Environments and Practice group is active in research, teaching and consultancy activities that address issues of achieving sustainable design solutions and which apply understanding through practice. We particularly focus on research that recognises the inter-relationship between buildings and the environment (both internal and external) and also impacts of the environment through climate change on buildings and their occupants. At the heart of our group's work is the enhancement of design quality in challenging situations and which delivers benefits of comfort, productivity, and resource efficiency.

Several members of the group have particular interests in conservation and understanding the historical context and theory of sustainable development and issues of reuse and recycling. There is also a broader international context in which we investigate and support sustainable and 'green' solutions to the modern problems of urbanisation and resource limitations. The internal environment of buildings is also a major research theme - both from practical and immediate assessment perspectives and also from longer-term design optimisation.

Research methods utilised by group members involve multiple analysis and assessment techniques. There is also a focus on real-world measurement (in laboratory and field settings) and use of simulation and assessment tools as appropriate. We also link with many other research groups to give multi-dimensional approaches to contemporary issues of environmentally sensitive design.

Members of the group contribute from their expert knowledge to all undergraduate and postgraduate courses in architecture. We are always happy to receive enquiries and applications to study for research degrees and current student research projects include: environmental assessment techniques; conservation of historic structures in Portugal; planning and design for sustainability in developing countries; Passivhaus buildings; sustainable/green interior design; sustainable urbanisation in China.