The Centre for Experimental Practices (CXP) is an interdisciplinary research centre linking media, performance, contemporary art, and other fields. We investigate the experimental dimensions of practice: the ways in which practices are both structured by and productive of knowledge. CXP will develop new practice research methods incorporating the aesthetic, the embodied, the critical, and the empirical. We aim to generate speculative imaginings and forms of thought for a more just and sustainable world.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events.


CXP brings together staff and visiting researchers from across media, performance, contemporary art, and other fields.


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Past Events


Lines of Flight: New Laboratories

A series of interventions from radical theorists of climate, disability, performance, Blackness, and the social, whose work activates the laboratory concept in radically experimental ways.


Whiteness and Sound Studies

A series of talks by artists and scholars exploring whiteness, racialisation and coloniality in sonic theory and practice.


A Cryptojudaic Reading Room

A new phase in the Judaica project, launched at the Bath House Gallery.


Videographic Entanglements Symposium

In October 2023, we hosted scholar-artists and researcher-practitioners from the worlds of videographic film criticism, performance-based video, visual anthropology, experimental filmmaking, video art, and more.


Lines of Flight 2023: Black Methods

This online seminar series consisted of interventions from radical Black theorists of method and methodology based in North America


Videographic Entanglements: A Study Day

In November 2022, we hosted 'Videographic Entanglements: A Study Day', exploring interdisciplinary videographic research methods with colleagues visiting from Denmark and Switzerland.


Lines of Flight 2021

The Spring 2021 Lines of Flight seminar series included presentations by Nik Taylor, Samuel Ravengai, Manola-Gayatri Kumarswamy, Elizabeth De Roza, Mira Benjamin, and Martin Lawrence.


Windows into Worlds @ Temporary Contemporary

December 2019 - Windows into Worlds was an audiovisual exhibition and installation that showcased new connections between performing arts and digital video. 


AVBODY: Symposium on the Audiovisual Body

June 2018, AVBODY: Symposium on the Audiovisual Body



Vocality/Instrumentality (January 2017)