Why Smart House ?

The primary goal of an automation system is to decrease the need for human involvement. A human operator is prone to mistakes and weariness, which can result in a range of issues. Adapting an automated system will result in significant improvements in profit, production rate, safety, and quality.  Full automation of your home makes everything simple and efficient. With a smart home, you can lock doors automatically when you leave the house and open them automatically when you return. Forgot to turn the heating off? You can do it from your bed, or even from the car when you're already half-way down the motorway. 

The University of Huddersfield Smart House

The Huddersfield Smart House Research Facility is now being developed as a collaborative centre for business sector, academic, and government organisations. It is being created to speed research and development for smart goods and services to be employed in the built environment, with the aim of bringing about transformative changes in key performance metrics matching to dwellings and living circumstances of the twenty-first century. In order to reach this objective, a two-story, well-equipped home is now being built.



Our research staff are creative and innovative practitioners who have wide industrial and research experience.


Research Areas

 From performing digital simulations and analysis to creating fully functional innovative products for industry. 


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