Engagement at the CEM

The CEM is committed to sharing best practices and actively seeking out new opportunities within the industry that are integral to the collaboration of colleagues and research.  

Below are various activities that the CEM has taken part in, and we encourage you to contact us if you would like to discuss any future events on which we can collaborate together. 



Porous Ceramics and Composites

Look back on our past seminar "Porous ceramics and composites - from processing to simulation"

April 10th, 2019 by Tobias Fey.


Simulating materials for fusion and fission

Look back on our past seminar "Simulating materials for fusion and fission"

29th November 2017 by Andrew Horsfield.



IMEE Conference

Look back on this past forum "IMEE Conference"

Bringing innovation to the doorstep of the local business community and looking at the requirements and problems that are needed to be resolved to widen the scope of materials for improved products in the future.


Look back on our past seminar

"Understanding Material Physics and its Relation to the Microstructure"

September 18th, 3 pm (Dr.T. Kremmer and 4 pm by Prof. S.Pogatscher.