The Music Technology and Production Group is interested in a diverse range of subjects including surround sound decoders and sound quality; the application of Artificial Intelligence in music composition; and production techniques used for extreme metal and dance music.

The University of Huddersfield is a leading centre for the study of music technology, where the subject is being taught to some 250 students within the Department of Engineering and Technology and to a similar number within the Department of Music. They are provided with first-class facilities representing an investment of over £2 million.

Our Group is a product of this concentration of expertise and investment, but while most of our members involved in popular music and its production, the Group's focus is technological.

"We are interested in how the equipment works and how it can be improved. We are interested in looking at what goes on underneath the bonnet", says Group Leader, Dr Jonathan Wakefield.

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Our vibrant and rapidly growing research community is a major force in the areas of technical innovation and development.



The following are examples of the most recent outputs produced by members of the group.



 How can music be made to sound better? That could be a way of summing up the goals of the Music Technology and Production Research Group at the University of Huddersfield.



Music Technology and Production is a broad area and the Research Group's activities reflect that diversity. Other current research areas include:


Facilities and Equipment

The University Queensgate campus is friendly and welcoming with facilities and departments contained on one town centre campus site close to all the local services, shops, student accommodation and transport.

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If you would like to know more about our areas of expertise or wish to discuss research opportunities with the Music Technology and Production Research Group then please contact our Research Administration team:

Group Leader: Dr Jonathan Wakefield

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