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Who We Are

The Centre for Sustainability, Responsibility, Governance and Ethics is more widely known as SURGE.

Its purpose is to bring people together with a passion for promoting sustainability, fairness and accountability in business, government and society. 

Our membership comprises of academic researchers and professionals from a wide range of disciplines, stretching beyond our home in Huddersfield Business School, to encompass many different fields, perspectives and approaches.

This inclusive and multi-disciplinary orientation is crucial given the complexity of the challenges which lay behind the Centre’s research, as well as our commitment to developing evidence based interventions which make a positive impact in organisations, wider systems and communities.


How We Work

As a creative and connected team of researchers, we believe passionately that some of the best ideas are generated at the intersection of different academic fields and professional disciplines.

SURGE is therefore designed to support core areas of research expertise while, at the same time, providing an environment which encourages collaboration across different projects and subject areas.

With members who have an international reputation for the work they do around the world, we also ensure that best practice is developed and shared across the Centre.

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The Team

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SURGE’s core research clusters, with illustrations of the challenges they focus on, are listed below to highlight the work underway in the Centre:

Corporate Governance and Ethics

Core Research Cluster

Company regulation, board responsibilities, financial reporting, integrated reporting, disclosure, whistleblowing, market abuse, insider trading, business and financial ethics, ethical marketing and the ethics of food production.

Responsible People and Professions

Core Research Cluster

Responsible practice in different organisations and fields, leadership, professional responsibility, future professionals, professional and management development and organisational analysis.

Public Policy and Social Justice

Core Research Cluster

Governance, regulatory and legal issues which stretch beyond the corporate world, individual rights, equality of opportunity, gender, sexuality, public participation, social enterprise, diversity, migration and refugees.

Our team is also involved in work on a series of cross cutting themes that have particular resonance with our researchers. These include enterprise, leadership and communication. 


The case studies in this section will showcase projects and research undertaken by the SURGE team focusing on our core research clusters.

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Getting Involved

We work with many different organisations and people, for example, our existing partners and networks include:

Micro-businesses and entrepreneurs, SMEs, large corporations, social enterprises, central and local government, transnational institutions, NGOs, third sector organisations, professional associations and trade bodies, other higher education institutions, as well as think tanks and the wider policy community.

The Team

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