The centre is dedicated to research and development activities  in the broad area of thermofluids, energy and related fields, in both fundamental and applied aspects, and covering theoretical, numerical and experimental approaches. An important part here is also the advanced modelling point of view and the utilisation of High Performance Computing to solve fundamental and engineering problems. Its remit is kept broad to capture the needs of a wide variety of industrial clients and academic partners, the examples including, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Fluid mechanics and aerodynamics
  • Heat transfer and thermodynamics
  • Combustion processes
  • Multiphase and multi-component flows and processes
  • Acoustics, thermoacoustics and flow induced vibrations
  • Process equipment, process integration and control
  • Refrigeration, air-conditioning, cryo-cooling and
  • liquefaction
  • Fluid rheology, lubrication and complex fluids
  • Flow diagnostics including laser-based measurement (e.g., PIV, LIF)
  • Energy production from fossil fuels and renewable sources
  • Energy efficiency and reduction of climatic impacts
  • Energy storage and waste heat recovery
  • Microfluidic devices and nano-fluids
  • Medical/Physiological flows and heat transfer
  • High Performance Computing architecture and optimisation
  • Digital twinning and augmented/virtual reality approaches

Our typical industrial partners include

  • Chemical and process industries
  • Oil and gas extraction and refining industries
  • Heat exchanger and heat pipe manufacturers
  • Boiler and fluidised bed combustor manufacturers
  • Wind turbine manufacturers
  • Gas turbine manufacturers
  • Internal combustion engine manufacturers
  • Electricity generation sector including suppliers and distributors
  • District heating suppliers
  • Air-conditioning and ventilation suppliers
  • Marine-related industries
  • Valve, pump and general process equipment manufacturers
  • Instrumentation and measurement developers
  • Transport industries including automotive, marine, rail and aerospace
  • Electrical and electronics industries
  • Healthcare and analytical equipment producers

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