UoA 3 - Allied Health, Nursing and Pharmacy

The hallmark of our research in UoA3 is its interdisciplinary nature, enabling us to address research problems from a truly bio-psycho-social perspective. Our research extends from ‘bench to bedside’ and beyond, into community and global health. Over the past several years we have seen marked growth in our applied health research.

Our mission and aims are to foster a spirit of (co-)enquiry and partnership for innovation and change in response to challenging health issues and related social problems, to make a real difference to peoples’ lives in organisations, services and communities internationally, nationally and locally. We are strongly committed to enhancing our research culture, fostering interdisciplinary research and engaging openly with relevant audiences.

Our applied science research has expanded and developed in new areas, basic and applied, including: biomarkers (for cancer, psychiatric disorders, neurological and neurodegenerative disorders), biopolymer research and its application to pharmaceutical and biomedical research, cancer biology and pharmacology, inflammation, pharmaceutics and drug delivery and pharmaceutical policy and practice









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