UoA 33a - Music 

Our research within music  focussed around three main research themes and within these centres research groups are developed to dedicate research to specific projects, examples are outlines below:

Centre for Research in New Music (CeReNeM) is a Research Institute and covers:

  • Composition

  • new music performance

  • new music studies

  • music technology

  • creative and technical aspects of film music

Example Projects

  • Creative Coding Lab (CCL) brings together composers and technologists interested in the augmentation of creativity

  • Democracy in Music explores intersections between ideas of democracy and musical practice


Centre for Music, Culture and Identity (CMCI) covers:

  • Musicology

  • popular music

  • musicological aspects of film music

 Example Projects

  • Integrated Methodologies for Film Musicology explores the complex genesis and structure of film soundtracks

  • Popular Music Studies Research Group hosts its own seminar series and various specialist activities within CMCI.


Research Centre for Performance Practices (ReCePP) covers:

  • Performance

  • Synergies between musical and dramatic performance.

 Example Projects

  • Nineteenth-Century Performance Research Group works on the reconstruction of historical performance techniques

  • (Re)constructing Early Recording explores strategies for preservation and the development of performance practices based on them









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