This electronic archive has been set up to make available the Tonalities software developed by Professor Anthony Pople at the University of Nottingham before his untimely death in 2003. The archive is now maintained by Professor Michael Russ at the University of Huddersfield.

The archive comprises:

Installing Tonalities

To run the software you first need to install it as an ‘Add-In’ to Microsoft Excel. The instructions on how to do this are included in Anthony Pople’s guide and  work for versions of Excel up to 2003 using Windows XP.

Installing using Microsoft Excel 2007.

The process for installing in Microsoft Excel 2007 involves a few extra steps.

Firstly, click on the orange ‘Office Button’ in the top right hand corner. When the drop down menu appears, click on ‘Excel Options’ at the bottom on the right hand side. A large menu box appears; click on ‘Add-Ins’ on the left hand side.  Next to ‘Manage’ at the bottom ensure ‘Excel Add –Ins’ is selected. The click ‘Go’. The Add-Ins dialogue box now allows you to browse and find the folder where you have located the Tonalities software and to upload it. If you have not been using Add-Ins before, a new Add-Ins drop down menu will now be available each time you open Excel on which you need to click to activate Tonalities. The encoded music examples are opened as in older versions of Excel.