You can download a PDF version of this programme by clicking here: GLF-CEM Program PDF


Wednesday 5th June
1:00pm Lunch 
2:00pm Welcome
2:30pm Introduction to new members

First session - Leadership: Industry and Academia Collaboration

Theme leaders: Prof Simaan Abourizk and Prof Carlos Formoso

Panel members include: Prof Jeffrey S. Russell, Prof Irtishad U. Ahmad, Prof Andrew Dainty, Rosalind Thorpe, Prof Song Wu

The session will discuss collaboration between industry and academia and how this collaboration can bring about significant industry benefits. New developments and challenges in academia and industry are always coming through but the uptake of innovations improvements in practice are not always timely and coming through in a seamless way. How can this collaboration happen in a better way? What are the barriers and opportunities across industry, academia and professional institutions? What is the role of policy and what are the tools in our profession to be utilised? Finally, how does this collaboration impact on teaching and learning, research and innovation and learning across companies/industries/countries?

6:00pm Reception Dinner


Thursday 6th June
10:00am Arrival refreshments

Second session - Leadership: Future Trends and Benchmarking

Theme leaders: Prof Makarand Hastak and Eddie Tuttle

Panel members include: Prof Chris Harty, Prof Thomas Ng, Prof Leslie Ruddock

In the world of big data, it is important to understand the need and importance of data analytics and benchmarking to establish current and future trends in the construction industry. This panel will explore (1) the role and importance of data analytics and benchmarking in construction, (2) what is the current state of practice and trends in the industry, and (3) where should we be going in the future with data analytics and benchmarking.

This panel will further explore the role of industry and academia in data analytics and benchmarking and the improvements that are needed for the betterment of the construction industry. 

12:30pm Lunch

Third session - Leadership: Best Practice in Research and Teaching

Theme leaders: Prof Lucio Soibelman and Prof Jan Wium

Panel members include: Prof Edward J. Jaselskis, Prof Patricia Tzortzopoulos, Prof William J. O'Brien, Prof John Taylor

The session will discuss collaboration in CEM programmes and research, as well as the need for innovation in taught programmes. New developments and challenges in society and technology will continuously place more demands on the profession. Also, more collaboration is needed across disciplines. How can we prepare students for such a changing world? In addition, how can we overcome obstacles in collaborative research, including initiation of collaboration, sharing of academic credits, and sharing of intellectual property with industry?

3:30pm Refreshments

Fourth session - Leadership: Mentorship and Coaching

Theme leaders: Prof Geoffrey Qiping Shen and Prof Hans-Joachim Bargstädt

Panel members include: Prof Akintola Akintoye, Dr Elham Delzendeh, Prof Mike Kagioglou, Prof Ron Wakefield

This panel discussion will focus on mentorship and coaching for future leaders in the construction engineering and management discipline. It will be facilitated by the current and past Chairman of GLF-CEM to tap into the wisdom of the panel members and all the participants to address important questions such as how do we develop young staff and early career researchers in our sector? How can GLF play a role in this area? What do we need to do? What would companies and/or Universities need to do? How do we lead improvements? How can we learn from Global practice?

5:00pm Plenary and Close


Friday 7th June
9:00am-3:00pm Cultural Tour (additional Costs Required)
  Optional Field Trip