Please click on the boxes below to find out more about the research students within Architecture and the Built Environment at the University of Huddersfield:

Adrian Evans

My research practice will attempt to find a synthesis of Zeitgeist and Genius Loci in the dialogue between contemporary architecture and land

Ahmed Fahim

The Impact of the Treble Lean Construction Constraints in Healthcare Hospitals Projects.

Aminu Abdullahi

This research tries to answer the questions of how does a community that produces zero demolition waste operate?

Anom Rajendra I Gusti Ngurah

This research focuses on the civic life and civic responsibility of a Balinese community in the context of ceremonial activities and traditions taking place in the littoral regions.

Bjorn Ross

Systematic Approach to Oil Spill Waste Management in Arctic

Caterina Benincasa-Sharman

The focus of my current research looks at the events and outputs that made up the 1951 Festival of Britain celebrations in Leeds, York, Hull, Manchester and Liverpool.

Charles Hippisley-Cox

This PhD will help develop a systematic understanding of the granaries of northern Portugal.

Chathuranganee Jayakody

This research is focused on incorporating planning and design solutions to strengthen resilient neighbourhoods in urban cities.

Clarissa Notariano Biotto

Application of BIM technologies in social projects: integration between product and production system design from a lean perspective.

Danilo Gomes

This research focus is in the role of architecture design in the implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Lean Construction process.

D W K Hemachandra

Study of vulnerabilities among females during and after natural disasters; A case of females in flood affected areas in Sri Lanka.

Elham Del Zendeh

The influence of indoor design criteria on occupants’ energy consumption behaviour in buildings

Guo Chen

Sustainable design at the urbanisation boundary in China.

Kushani De Silva

Gender Equity and Disaster Resilience Associated with the Third Revolution Digital Technology

Maheshika Sakalasuriya

This study aims to develop a novel framework that promotes conflict sensitive development of physical infrastructure, focusing on the road network in war-affected areas.

Ngo Kien Thinh

A study of the social-cultural aspects of the self-built housing in Hanoi city, Vietnam after the economic reform in the 1980s.

Oshienemen Albert

A model towards oil spill disaster risk reduction and management in the oil and gas region of Nigeria.

Pournima Sridarran

Managing vulnerabilities of unplanned urban built environments through consolidating indigenous knowledge and scientific disaster reduction approaches

Richard Nicholls

This research project aims to investigate the use of south facing walls as a collector of solar thermal energy.

Robert Silkstone

How can design improve the transportation and distribution of humanitarian aid products to communities in disaster relief sites?

Saeed Talebi

This research focuses on improving dimensional tolerance management in construction.

Sergio Kemmer

This research aims at devising a method for construction management in refurbishment projects.

Sheriz Khan

In two action research studies, the researcher collaborated with design practitioners at two architectural/engineering firms in Florida to implement the Last Planner System in two building design projects.

Stuart Katawikirize

Community Capacity Building for Disaster Risk Reduction: Exposing and Challenging Level of Prioritization in Kenya


Thanh Hung Dang

The study is seeking a balance between provision of the indoor thermally comfortable conditions and energy efficiency for cooling by optimizing design solutions and developing practical guidance of natural ventilation for specific dwelling types.

Zairol Auzzir

The problem investigated in my research is to explore how the implementation of public private partnerships for managing disasters in developing countries can deliver integrated resilience-building and disaster planning.