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The production of music often involves interdisciplinary challenges, requiring creativity, extensive knowledge of audio processing and exceptional listening skills. Many of these complex production processes have rules that could be made more intuitive, or managed by intelligent processes. Intelligent Music Production focuses on developing systems that map these requirements into automated or adaptive processes within the production chain to achieve results which are both efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

The 4th Workshop on Intelligent Music Production (WIMP2018) will bring together academia and the industry to discuss the future of music technology. It will provide an overview of the tools and techniques currently being developed in the field, whilst providing insight for audio engineers, producers and musicians looking to gain access to new technologies. The day will consist of presentations from leading researchers from academia and the industry, posters and demonstrations, and a panel discussion session with professional sound engineers.

WIMP 2018 (4th Workshop on Intelligent Music Production) Friday 14th September in the Oastler Building, University of Huddersfield

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General chair: Dr Hyunkook Lee h.lee@hud.ac.uk
Paper co-chairs: Dr Steven Fenton s.m.fenton@hud.ac.uk / Dr Jonathan P. Wakefield  j.p.wakefield@hud.ac.uk
Demo chair: Christopher Dewey c.dewey@hud.ac.uk