Centre Management Group

Director (Ann-Louise Caress); Deputy Director (Mary Turner)

  • Research Special Interest Group (SIG) Leads
  • Research Administration Lead
  • Research Development Manager
  • SHHS Business Development Manager
  • SHHS Director of External Engagement
  • Research Marketing Lead
  • Health and Wellbeing Academy Research Lead

Centre Steering Group

Centre Management Group members plus:

  • Relevant ADREs
  • Research Finance Leads
  • Lay Member (Joyce Fox)
  • External Members (eg from CRN; RDS; Local Authority; Trust R&D teams)

Cross-Cutting Themes

Sports, Exercise and Nutrition Research Special Interest Group (SIG)

(Lead: Sean Hudson)

Current activity includes:

Understanding factors relating to performance for athletes and promoting physical activity for health promotion and well-being.

Spirituality and Compassionate Practice in Health and Social Care SIG

(Leads: Melanie RogersJohn Wattis and Stephen Curran)

Current activity includes:

The meaning and application of spirituality in health and social care; compassionate care; person-centred care; values-based practice and intelligent kindness.

Maternal and Family Health SIG

(Leads: Zoe Darwin, Tomasina Stacey and Amanda Firth)

Current activity includes:

We are a welcoming and supportive group with shared interests in Maternal and Family Health Research (MAFHR), from a range of disciplinary backgrounds (including Midwifery, Psychology, Applied Health Research, Public Health, Sociology, Social Work, Nursing) and using diverse methodologies and methods. Current activity relates to: midwifery practice and other services providing reproductive healthcare and care in the perinatal period; maternal, paternal and parental health; fetal and infant health.

Palliative and End of Life Care SIG

(Leads: Mary Turner and Julie Ellis)

Current activity includes:

Ageing and dying in prisons; hospice workforce; bereavement experiences

Mental Health SIG

(Leads: Hayley Gorton and Clementinah Rooke)

Current activity includes:

Support (including self-management) for people living with or affected by mental health problems; promotion of mental well-being; understanding the perspectives and experiences of people living with or affected by mental health problems; suicide prevention and dementia.

Public Health SIG

(Leads: Liane Beretta De Azevedo and Michael Snowdon)

Current activity includes:

Promoting healthy lifestyles; healthy localities and global health

Advancing Practice SIG

(Leads: Melanie Rogers and Ashley Scott)

Current activity includes:

Educating and developing health professionals; developing advanced and extended practice roles; health service and health systems design.

Managing Acute and Long-Term Conditions SIG

(Lead: Emma Harris)

Current activity includes:

Support (including self-management) for people living with or affected by acute and long-term conditions; developing novel interventions; understanding patient and carer perspectives and experiences; work and long-term health conditions/disability.

Health Psychology SIG (soon to be established)

(Leads: TBA)

Proposed areas of activity include:

Beliefs and behaviours; decision-making; individual experiences and differences; self-perception and self-esteem; stigma.