Past events

Research Practice Talks

Our 2021 series focusing on research through creative practice

Woven in Practice

This 2021 conference explored a range of practice-orientated contributions in fashion and textiles.

Constructing Costume Histories

Dr Jade Halbert and Dr Veronica Isaac's research project which showcasing the contribution of costume makers to the history of costume and dress.

Drawing Conversations 4

A one-day symposium examining the interrelationships of drawing and engaging with sites of history and narrative.


Curating the History of the ICA


Friday 26 February 2021, 2 - 4pm

Money Matters

The Mainstream, The Maverick and The Misfit


Friday 29 January 2021

Women in Design


Friday 20 November 2020

Climate crisis...

...climate action, environmental justice

Friday 6 November 2020

Webinar: COVID-19 and Experiences of Research

Friday 16 October 2020

SAT in the Circular Economy

Wednesday 2 - Friday 4 and Monday 7 - Wednesday 9 September 2020

Wilson's Republic

WR7: Beginnings

20 February 2020