We have several exhibition spaces on the University of Huddersfield campus, these include the Bath House Galleries in Sovereign Design House and the Mezzanine Gallery in the Barbara Hepworth Building.

How to find us.

Bath House Galleries opening hours during exhibitions:

Weekdays: 10am - 3pm

Saturdays: 11am - 4pm

Sundays: closed

During term time the Toast House Cafe is also open on the ground floor above the galleries.

Our Exhibitions


Physical Minds

Toast House Cafe: September - October

An exhibition by the UoH Creative Writing Society for Cultures of Creative Health.


Fashion Design Graduate Show

Tuesday 2 July, held at the Lawerence Batley Theatre.


Room 23

Bath House Gallery 1: 15.07.24 - 08.08.24

Room 23 by Clayton Heeley


Naoshima: First Encounter

Bath House Galleries 2 + 3: 15.07.24 - 01.08.24

Relationships between Architecture, Art & Nature on Naoshima, Japan: First Encounter by Danilo Di Mascio


MA Graduate Show

Bath House Galleries: 16.05.24 - 11.06.24

An interdisciplinary exhibition featuring work by Aditya Pal, Gokul V. Pilakkal, Mitali G. Sawant, Rui Xi, Shinto Vincent, Stevin K. A and Yinuo Liu


The Nature of Play

Mezzanine Gallery: 10.05.24 - 22.05.24

Step inside an exhibition about play, nature and the environment we live in, over Mental Health Awareness week and in collaboration with Cultures of Creative Health. This is a space to rest, play and open your senses to everything within.


That's Life

Bath House Galleries: 20.04.24 - 02.05.24

2nd Year Photography Exhibition


Experiences of Brexit

Bath House Galleries, Gallery 2: 19.03.24 - 12.04.24

Radu Chirila, Laura Mateescu, Miruna Constantin, Inno Brezeanu, Oana Slavoaca



Bath House Galleries, Gallery 3: 17.3.24 - 23.3.24


New Interactive Sculptural Sound Work by Joe Christman


Climate Impacts in the Community

Barbara Hepworth Building, Mezzanine: 07.03.24 - 30.03.24 

Yun Gao, Ensiyeh Farrokhirad, Adrian Pitts, Xiang Ren, Intesar Ibrahim + members of the public from Dash Group in Huddersfield and Shared Goods Charity in Huddersfield


(Re)Imagining Huddersfield’s Narratives

Barbara Hepworth Building, Atrium: 07.03.24 - 05.04.24 

Danilo Di Mascio, Ahmed Hassan, Tamiris Capellaro Ferreira, and Year 2 & Year 3 Architecture Students


Textiles on Toast – Another Slice

Bath House Galleries, Gallery 2 & 3: 04.03.24 - 14.03.24

Year 1 & Year 2 Textiles Students


Everything is Suspended in Movement

Bath House Galleries, Gallery 1: 16.02.24 - 30.03.24

Richard Mulhearn (with Isaac Baggaley)


Changes: Design Approaches for Different Contexts

Barbara Hepworth Building, Mezzanine: 01.02.24 - 01.03.24

Jung Hoon Baek



AI Exhibition

Barbara Hepworth Building, Atrium: 29.01.24 - 12.02.24 

Jonny Binder, Ertu Unver, Dipo Olaosun, Riley Irving

Our Projects


Thought Positions in Sculpture

Thought Positions in Sculpture presents contemporary artists who have encountered the archive through the stories of their own art practice.


Putting Space into Action

To coincide with the launch of Huw Wahl’s film about the 1970s radical art movement Action Space, this one-day symposium explores how spaces – public and civic – can be put into action.



ROTOЯ is an on-going programme of art and design exhibitions at Huddersfield Gallery; founded on a partnership between the gallery and the School of Art, Design and Architecture


EP1 'The Italian Avant-Garde'

EP1 'The Italian Avant-Garde: 1968-1976' is devoted to the Italian avant-garde of the period 1968-1976, this being one of the few modern historical moments where a shared set of creative concerns emerged across both art, design and architecture.


EP2 'Design Fiction'

Edited by Alex Coles, EP2 examines the role of fiction across art, design and architecture.


EP3 'Post-Craft'

‘Post-Craft’ is the first publication to critically examine the concepts underpinning this re-emergence, focusing on the international revival of craft across contemporary architecture, art, craft and design.


Climate Action and Visual Culture

With the aim of fostering opportunities for networking and collaboration, Climate Action and Visual Culture is a PGR led initiative that brings together, introduces and reviews the work of 43 artists from all over the world