EP3 ‘Post-Craft’, edited with Dr Catharine Rossi, Kingston University, began its editorial process in the form of a conference at the ICA on May 6 2015 and will be published in spring 2017.

From Turner-prize winning potters to designer makers, from craft beer to calls for a "march of the makers," the currency of craft today is undeniable. After over a century of marginalisation, craft has now taken centre stage, and is increasingly recognised across creative, economic, socio-cultural and political contexts. ‘Post-Craft’ is the first publication to critically examine the concepts underpinning this re-emergence, focusing on the international revival of craft across contemporary architecture, art, craft and design. Contributors include emerging and established voices, including: Martina Margetts, Glenn Adamson, Stephen Knott, Assemble Studio, John Roberts, Jeremy Deller, Ai Wei Wei, Franco Berardi, Experimental Jetset, and Clare Twomey.