The work of the Electron Microscopy and Materials Analysis Group is focussed around ion irradiation of materials, but has a range of other equipment available to support this effort.


The Huddersfield JEOL JEM-3010 TEM is a high resolution transmission electron microscope capable of lattice imaging. It is equipped with digital image capture, microanalysis via energy dispersive X-ray analysis and an electron energy loss spectroscopy system.

Specimen Holders

  • Single-tilt
  • Double-tilt
  • Double-tilt with heating (RT to 1000°C)
  • Electron dosimeter holder for precise electron beam measurement


The FEI dual-beam Focused Ion Beam (FIB) system is capable of machining at the nanoscale and is used mainly for the preparation of TEM foils <100 nm in thickness. Other work undertaken includes nano-patterning of surfaces to improve wear performance, and cross-sectioning materials to look at internal structures.

Technical Details

  • Ga+ ion beam energies from 1 to 30 kV (up to 20 nA)
  • Carbon/platinum deposition
  • Omniprobe in-situ micromanipulator

FEI Quanta 250 FEG ESEM

The FEI Quanta 250 Field Emission Gun Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (FEG-ESEM) is capable of achieving a resolution of 1.2 nm at 30 keV in High Vacuum mode. The microscope also possesses a low vacuum mode for studying insulating samples where charging effects are a concern i.e. polymers etc. The ESEM capability means that biological specimens can be investigated without the need for complex preparation methods. An Oxford Instruments Energy Dispersive X-Ray (EDX) detector is attached which allows the chemistry of a specimen to be investigated on the sub-micron scale.

Technical Details

  • High Vacuum Mode Resolution at 30keV is 1.2nm (Secondary Electron Imaging)
  • In Environmental mode and Low Vacuum mode achievable resolution at 30 keV is 1.4nm (Secondary Electron Imaging)
  • Accelerating Voltages: 200–30,000 V
  • Probe Currents : <200 nA, continuously variable
  • Detectors: Everhardt Thornley SED (Secondary Electron Detector); Large Field Low Vacuum Detector SED; Gaseous SED (used in ESEM mode) and a 4 Quadrant Solid State Backscatter Electron Detector

Sample Preparation Facilities

The MIAMI facility has a large variety of sample preparation equipment available to make high quality electron transparent foils.

  • Two PIPS systems (Gatan PIPS I and PIPS II)
  • Electrochemical jet polishing system (TenuPol-5)
  • Sputter coater
  • Various polishing/sectioning equipment