In September 2018 the Centre for Electron Microscopy and Materials Analysis (EMMA) and the International Institute for Accelerator Applications (IIAA) combined their expertise to form Huddersfield's Ion Beam Centre. This brings together the fields of innovative particle accelerator development and the use of particle accelerators for probing the properties of materials using the world-leading MIAMI and MEIS facilities at the University of Huddersfield. The Centre is also proud to collaborate with other universities as part of the UK National Ion Beam Centre.

The focus of research in the Huddersfield Ion Beam Centre is the use of energetic particles for a variety of purposes including RF generation, medical applications, studies of semiconductor materials, simulation of radiation damage in nuclear materials and the generation of nuclear power (accelerator driven subcritical reactors). Although the particles of primary interest are energetic ions of various types, research in the Centre also involves the use of electrons and neutrons. Activities within the Centre also include the development of new and innovative artificial electromagnetic media and accelerator technologies.


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