Director of IBC

Prof Stephen Donnelly

Director of IBC | 01484 472304

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Electron Microscopy and Materials Analysis (EMMA) Research Group

Dr Jonathan Hinks

Group leader: EMMA | 01484 472111

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Dr Graeme Greaves

Senior Research Fellow (EMMA) | 01484 472111

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Dr Anamul Haq Jeri Mir

Research Fellow (EMMA) | 01484 471689

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Dr Vladimir Vishnyakov

Reader (EMMA) | 01484 472164

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Accelerator Research Group (ARG)

Prof Rebecca Seviour

Group Leader: ARG | 01484 473779

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Prof Jaap van den Berg

Group Member (ARG) | 01484 472264

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Prof Thomas Edgecock

Research Fellow (ARG) | 01484 471825

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Dr Andrew Rossall

Research Fellow (ARG) | 01484 472083

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Simon Butler

Research student (ARG)


Benjamin Clay

Research student (EMMA) 

Simon Foulkes

Research student (ARG)


Timothy John Fulcher

Research student (ARG)


William Hastings

Research student (EMMA) | 

Jacob Lewis-Fell

Research student (EMMA) 

Hoang Le

Research student (EMMA)

Adian Milston

Research student (EMMA) | 

Wanisa Promdee

Research student (ARG)


Miha Rescic

Research student (ARG)


Asiya Rummana

Research student (ARG)


Norman Turner

Research student (ARG)