Current Research

The Centre for Efficiency and Performance Engineering at Huddersfield works on machines and equipment of all types and sizes: marine and automotive diesel engines, reciprocating and centrifugal compressors, multi-stage gearboxes, electric motor drives, centrifugal pumps, bearing systems, and flexible rotor machines (turbines, axial compressor, etc), along with all types of static equipment.

Detection and diagnosis of looming problems is our speciality: we aim to get in early, detect the warning signs and prevent the possibility of failure. In addition we also specialise in the estimation of remaining useful life, the monitoring, analysis and control of pollutant emissions, and the assessment of overall performance.

Our philosophy is to use routine instrumentation where ever possible, to apply sophisticated signal processing, to develop non-intrusive on-line techniques and to focus upon incipient faults with the intention of predicting future behaviour.

In general, the developed capabilities are pioneered on off-the-shelf yet relatively small scale industrial equipment (such as an automotive diesel engine), but then are scaled-up onto much larger plant (like power station diesel engines of 15MW output).

A wide range of diagnostic capabilities has been developed for a very wide variety of mission-critical industrial equipment and components, from individual gear drives and mechanical seals, to whole aero engines and complete production lines.

We have developed new interests in thermoacoustic technologies, electrical power, green energy and powertrain applications, and we are working increasingly across engineering and computer science disciplines.  We have also recently developed a strategic partnership with TWI for 12 PhD joint scholarships.

Other Research Projects

  • Large diesel engine monitoring system development
  • Marine propulsion system monitoring
  • Railway switch gear condition monitoring
  • Smart fastener for structure integrity diagnosis
  • Model based diagnosis for hydraulic systems
  • Electric motor current signature analysis
  • Non-linear dynamic system based weak signal detection
  • Acoustic source recognition using small scale arrays
  • Exploitation of IAS based diagnosis in large diesel engines
  • Pipeline blockage/leakage detection
  • Diagnosis based on machine transient process
  • Remote diagnosis of gearbox transmission
  • Electric current signature analyses for reciprocating compressors
  • Non-intrusive diagnosis of automotive ABS system
  • Wireless and power sensing for condition monitoring
  • Engine emission based fault diagnostics
  • Journal bearing monitoring based on non-intrusive measurements
  • Real-time prediction of lubricant condition
  • Investigation of driving profiles for fuel efficiency and emission reduction