Director of the CEPE

Prof Len Gelman

Director of the CEPE | 01484 472467

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Staff members

Prof Andrew Ball

Member (CEPE) | 01484 471335

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Dr Robert Cattley

Senior Research Fellow (CEPE) | 01484 472966

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Prof Nigel Schofield

Member (CEPE) | 01484 256271

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Dr Ann Smith

Predictive Analytics (CEPE) | 01484 472442

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Prof John Allport

Member (CEPE) | 01484 472302

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Dr Bo Liang

Member (CEPE) | 01484 472717

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Prof Simon Barrans

Member (CEPE) | 01484 472407

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Measurement and Data Analysis Group (MDAG)

Prof Fengshou Gu

Leader of the Measurement and Data Analysis Group (MDAG) | 01484 473548

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Dr Louie Qin

Senior Lecturer, IOT technologies (Associate from Computing Engineering) | 01484 472166

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Dr Ming Luo

Senior Lecturer, Statistics (Associate from Business School) | 01484 471372

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Systems, Telecommunications, and Antenna Research Group (STAR)

Prof Pavlos Lazaridis | 01484 257160

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Dr Faheem Khan | 01484 256226

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Dr Qasim Ahmed | 01484 256272

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Dr Maryam Hafeez | 01484 256220

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Dr Peter Mather | 01484 257140

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Dr Liwen Huang | 01484 257136

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Visiting Researchers

  • Prof Karsten Schmidt, Professor of Mechatronics, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences
  • Prof Qian Chen (Nanjing University of Aeronautics)
  • Prof. Xiaojun Xu (National University of Defense Technology)
  • Prof Gonghua Xu (Jiaotong University)
  • Prof Zhanquan Shi (Hebei University of Technology)
  • Prof Tie Wang (Taiyuan University of Technology)
  • Prof. Qian Ding (Tianjin University)
  • Prof. Hongling Zhao (Shandong University of Science and Technology)
  • Prof. Ke Liu (Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
  • Dr Chris Talbot
  • Dr. Dong Zhen (Hebei University of Technology)
  • Dr. Niaoqing Hu (National University of Defence Technology, P.R. China)
  • Dr. Fenglei Jiao (Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
  • Dr. Xiaocun He (Kunming University of Science and Technology)
  • Dr. Yimin Shao (Chongqing University)
  • Dr. Yi Jia (University of Puerto Rico)