CIndA is a Technical Associate Institute in the ATLAS experiment at CERN. We are the first Computer Science Department to achieve this status.

Our involvement is focused on the trigger and data acquisition system where interesting events are identified and isolated in the data stream coming off the detector system.

This is an extreme case of edge processing or edge analytics as the systems being developed in collaboration with the global ATLAS partners need to find and isolate events that contain interesting physics from a noisy raw stream of data arriving at a rate of 5 Terabits per second.


CERN Beam Instrumentation

CIndA supports projects with the Beam Instrumentation group at CERN.  These projects combine our expertise in sensing with our data analytics capabilities.

The first project is developing an electro-optic approach to the measurement of beam position in continuous beam systems. This project was part-funded by the EU ATTRACT programme and involves a combination of opto-electronic systems and data analytics.

The second project is looking at the development of optical fibre-based beam loss monitoring to support the localisation of beam loss events; again this project combines optoelectronic sensing with data analytics.


ERA Foundation

The ERA Foundation is a strong advocate of engineering and manufacturing as a key contributor to the UK economy.

We have a project funded by the ERA Foundation to identify why manufacturing SMEs are reluctant to engage with Industry 4.0 and to develop approaches that can overcome their objections.

The second aim of this project was to support work with SMEs to seek funding, helping them engage and profit from industrial analytic technologies. Through this project, we have successfully bid for KTP funding for a project combining optical sensing and data analytics.

Sir-John-OReily-cinda Sir John O’Reilly, Past Chairman of ERA Foundation and Royal Academy of Engineering Industrial Visiting Professor, CIndA

Industrial Analytics in the Textile Industry

Camira Fabrics - leading UK textile manufacturer producing over 150km of fabric per week delivering high-quality products to discerning customers.

Working closely with CIndA, Camira looks at the large volume of data generated through its operations. CIndA identified a business need connected with scheduling and work planning and made use of CIndA’s Digital Enablers Network (DEN) to identify Flexciton, a specialist developer of predictive modelling tools.


Under the Guidance of CIndA, Flexciton worked with Camira to undertake a proof of concept to help optimise their production schedules.


CIndA and Flexciton proved their worth and illustrated how more engagement with Camira's data would lead to an even greater return on investment.