Centre for Precision Technologies (CPT)

Researcher using CNC machine

Facilities and Equipment

The Centre for Precision Technologies (CPT) is based around a unique 'nanolab' facility and a well equipped machine tool research facility.


The ‘nanolab’ facility consists of five sophisticated laboratories:

  • surface nano-metrology laboratory
  • precision manufacturing machine room
  • precision dimensional metrology room
  • micro-computed tomography laboratory
  • applications surface metrology laboratory.

The machine tool research facility consists of

  • CNC research laboratory
  • dimensional metrology laboratory
  • control and instrumentation laboratory
  • robot research room
  • applications manufacturing laboratory.

Recently, with the University and UK industrial support, a new advanced optical laboratory has been custom built to pursue further research in on-line measurement techniques for surface metrology.


Each is equipped with the state-of-the-art instrumentation and machinery including an atomic force microscope, scanning electron microscope, optical interferometer, CCI optical profiler, stylus based form and surface texture instruments and precision scale coordinate measuring machine. The ‘nanolab’ allows the CPT researchers to carry out true nanoscale metrology and work on components as diverse as silicon wafers and orthopaedic implants.

The surface nano-metrology laboratory was specially designed for vibration minimisation. The lab is temperature controlled to ±0.5°C or better and is a class 10,000 clean room which has an air handling capability of 30 changes per hour.

The machine tool research laboratory has a range of specialist equipment and software used for testing and development and includes co-ordinate measurement machines, three and five axis machine tools; Renishaw sponsored interferometry systems and on-machine probes; and Faro laser measuring equipment.

CPT constantly strives to develop novel surface measurement instrumentation, measurement techniques and new hardware and software which push the scientific boundaries of what can currently be achieved.  

CPT also offers industry focussed metrology training including CNC machinery courses, co-ordinate metrology training “CMTrain”, and surface metrology training as well as bespoke training.