Computer science research within the University of Huddersfield is organised into 4 centres:

PARK: (Planning, Autonomy and Representation of Knowledge), with specialisms in Automated Planning and Semantic Web;

CVIC: (Centre for Visual and Immersive Computing), with specialisms in real-time CCTV analysis, augmented reality and machine vision for smart factory automation;

CCS: (Centre for Cyber Security), a recently established Centre with specialisms in applying AI techniques to intrusion detection and access control; and,

CIndA: (Centre for Industrial Analytics), a recently established Centre with specialisms in IoT and Cloud Architectures, and strong links to CERN.  


CVIC’s work in computer vision, visualisation, machine learning, and their software and systems strategies building on award-winning work research ( has since found extensive use in real-world tasks such as tracking (ShaanXi Science Foundation No.2016GY-123), semantic segmentation, and vSLAM (No. 2014GABJC024).

Other research from CVIC has facilitated the commercialisation of wearables and headsets from KrVision (Founder, Prof. Kaiwei Wang, for the visually impaired with a patented matching SDK. The product has so far over 80,000 users worldwide. Some of the work was invited by the IARIA’18 Board (Athens: along with speakers from Havard. The work has generated interest from the machine vision sectors and has led to securing an innovation grant with VisionDragon Co. Ltd.


The Centre Director Prof. Xu was the General Chair for the IEEE International Conference on Automation and Computing (ICAC’17, in UK (ISBN 978-0-7017-0261-8). He was also an invited Keynote Speaker for the 2017 International Conference on Sensing and Imaging in Chengdu, and the 2016 International Workshop on Signal Processing with Applications in Scene Investigation in Xian.

He had led the 2019 Seminar Series on Visual Computing and Applications in the Zhejiang University, Chengdu University of Information Technology, and Xian University of Post and Telecommunication in China.