The main outputs of CVIC have been disseminated through multiple channels, including publishing in top research journals, workshops for industrial and societal stakeholders, invited speeches in prestigious forums and conferences, and leading bids and projects with international partners. References below included high-impact papers, international patents, in-house developed opensource toolkits for industry, and Apps for health product users, for example:



The following are examples of the most recent outputs produced by Centre members.

  • Wang, J., & Xu, Z. (2016). Spatio-temporal texture modelling for real-time crowd anomaly detection. Computer Vision and Image Understanding, 144, 177-187. DOI: 10.1016/j.cviu.2015.08.010.
  • Xu, Y., Lu, L., Xu, Z., Wang, J., Huang, J., & Lu, J. (2018). Towards Intelligent Crowd Behaviour Understanding through the STFD Descriptor Exploration. Sensing and Imaging, 19(17). DOI: 10.1007/s11220-018-0201-3.
  • Xu, Z.,Zhao, Z., and Baines, R. W. (2000) Constructing virtual environments for manufacturing simulation. International Journal of Production Research, 38 (17). 4171-4191. ISSN 00207543, 21p.
  • Xu, Y., Xu, Z., Jiang, X., and, Scott, P. (2011). Developing a knowledge-based system for complex geometrical product specification (GPS) data manipulation. Knowledge-Based Systems, Elsevier. 24(1), ISSN: 0950-7051.
  • Patent 1: 0 A glass detection device and corresponding methodology based on fusion of RGB-D and ultrasonic sensors; and, Patent 2: 201811436208.2 A scene representation device and methodology based on semantic stixel.
  • Development API and Apps; and, Software API: OpenMPR - the open-sourced software for place recognition using multiple descriptors derived from multi-modal images: