Group Leader

Prof. Zhijie Xu

Group leader (CVIC) | 01484 472156

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Group Members

Dr Duke Gledhill

Group member (CVIC) | 01484 472758

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Dr. Daryl Marples

Group member (CVIC) | 01484 472154

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Mr. Baizhen Li

Research Student (CVIC) | 

Miss. Lanlan Gao

Research Student (CVIC) | 01484 472758

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Mr. Matthew Novak

Research Student (CVIC) | 01484 473594

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Mr. Chaolong Zhang

Research Student (CVIC) | 

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Current PhDs

  • Hosain Aboaisha (Invariant Moments-Enhanced Content-based Image Retrieval)
  • Matthew Caldwell
  • Vikram Dutta

Completed PhDs

·         Dr. Yu Hao (Abnormal Crowd Behaviour Analysis)

·         Dr. Hussain Abuasia (Content-Based Image Retrieval)

·         Dr. Mark Bingham (Photometric Registration Based on Augmented Reality Illumination Matching)

·         Dr. Iain Clement (ELCAT - e-Learning Content Adaptation Toolkit)

·         Dr. Lamya Daghestani (Virtual Manipulative Toolkit for Numeracy Concept Establishment)

·         Dr. Ian Glover (Construction of Collaborative Web Annotation Systems)

·         Dr. Xiangdong Li (Improving the Reliability and Validity of Wizard-of-Oz Methods)

·         Dr. Yang Su (Large-Scale Data Analysis and Hardware Acceleration)

·         Dr. Jing Wang (Spatio-Temporal Volume-based Video Event Detection)

·         Dr. Qian Xu (Model-fitting Lattices for Interactive Volume Deformation)

·         Dr. Yuanping Xu (Category Theory-based Virtual GPS System for Surface Specification and Verification)