8 May 2017, 9.30am - 2.45pm

Queen Street Studios, Design Centre

Organiser: Patricia Tzortzopoulos


9.30 - 9.45 Introductions
9.45 - 10.15

3Ts project presentation - Duane Passman

Brief project background

Benefits realisation and BIM

Where 3Ts sees academia getting involved?

10.15 - 11.15

IDL presentations on current research (3 min pecha kucha)

Evidence Based Design - Yufan Zhang

Hospital Corridors - Joanne Piggott (PhD work)

Visualisation of data for decision making - Ling Ma

People movement - Song Wu

Work with HE - Algan Tezel

Collaboration in early design - Danilo Gomes (PhD work)

Energy modelling - Elham Del Zendeh (PhD work)

Tolerance Management - Saeed Talebi (PhD work)

Requirements modelling and code checking in emergency department - Juliana Parise UFRGS (presented by Patricia Tzortzopoulos)

Lean in Healthcare - Lauri Koskela

Where is our healthcare research going (service delivery; outcomes; benefits; wayfinding with graphic designers - potential UG project) - Patricia Tzortzopoulos

11.15 - 12.30

Discussions on collaboration and way forward

Opportunities for collaborative work

  • Form a group to look at healthcare benefits
  • EBD - collaboration with 3Ts for data collection
  • Potential collaboration with China through Innovate UK open call
  • Potential collaboration with Brazil - requirements capture and modelling on emergency department
12.30 - 13.15 Lunch
13.15 - 14.15 Tour of the University of Huddersfield facilities
14.15 - 14.45 Open discussion
14.45 Close