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Innovative Design Lab (IDL)

Director: Prof Tzortzopoulos

IDL is a new interdisciplinary research centre/laboratory at the University of Huddersfield.

The lab conducts theory based and applied research generally into product design, and especially in the built environment, pushing the impact of design thinking and practice to new areas. It cuts across the areas of architectural design, construction management, interior design, new product development, engineering, social sciences and healthcare.

Our research focuses on solving real world problems through design innovation, mobilising the underlying theories as well as the enabling processes and technologies needed to deliver value to users and the society at large.

Our research is developed closely with diverse public and private sector organisations to propose novel solutions to design challenges and project based problems.

We offer Undergraduate, Masters and PhD programmes that are future focused and informed by the state of the art in research and practice


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The Temporary Contemporary mission is to examine and expand visual culture across the community of Huddersfield

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Held from 11 -12 Feb, KoskelaFest celebrated 25 years of Prof Lauri Koskela’s work in Lean Construction, with workshops, round table discussions and speakers examining breakthroughs and developments in the movement over the last 25 years. This video explores the work and legacy of Prof Lauri Koskela's career.

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Research degree opportunities

IDL fosters a supportive and inclusive research environment for university staff, students and stakeholders.

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Projects and impact

IDL is engaged in a number of areas of research linked to the themes of lean construction and design to improve life.

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