Tuesday 5 February 2019, 12.30 - 5.00pm

The IDL Workshop, held on the 5th of February, included a wide range of subjects. There were 14 presentations by researchers from IDL, as well as invited guests, exchange students and academics from Brazil (UFRGS and UFRJ) and the University of Loughborough. Presentations included research on Building Information Modelling, Digitalisation, Lean Construction, Value Generation, Healthcare Design, Urban Sustainability, None in Three, VR and AR tools, amongst others. During the event, participants had the opportunity to discuss research findings, and explore new research areas. The rich discussions contributed to the overall success of the event. 


12:30   Lunch
12:55 Patricia Tzortzopoulos Welcome and Introduction
13:00 Joao Soliman Junior A semantic-based approach for design assessment in healthcare
13:15 Juliana Parise Baldauf A method for client requirements management using BIM
13:30 Sergei Kortenko Last Planner System: integrating design, delivery and construction
13:45 Clementinah Rooke The merits of not permitting METHOD and PROBLEM to pass each other by: A reflection from my PhD journey
14:00 Cynthia Hentschke UFRGS Proposal of a model to support value generation in mass customised housing projects
14:15 Josana Wesz UFRGS Quality of life in the context of buildings rehabilitation for social housing in central areas
14:30 Song Wu/Helen Smailes None in Three
14:45   Coffee break
15:00 Luciana Miron UFRGS Use of interdisciplinary methodologies for evaluating urban sustainability, wellbeing and healthy urban living
15:15 Kirti Ruikar University of Loughborough Beyond Data - Modeling the Digital Footprint of the Built Environment to Extract Meaning
15:30 Carlos Formoso UFRGS Exploring the synergy between Lean and BIM in engineer-to-order prefabricated building systems
15:45 Emilene Zitkus Healthcare in Ageing Societies: How can design support more accessible products and services?
16:00 Begum Ulusoy  
16:15 Jonathan Binder Paxman Scalp Cooling KTP Project: An Approach of Rapid Tooling for Scalp Cooling Cap Design
16:30 Ertu Unver/Omar Huerta Cardoso Interactive Workshop: Application of VR and AR Tools for Technical Drawing (EU funded research project)
16:45   Discussion and close