Target Value Design Workshop

Friday 5th December 2019

1.00 - 4.30pm

Phidias Lab, Barbara Hepworth Building

The workshop will be provided by Prof. Glenn Ballard and will start with a short introductory tutorial on Target Value Design (TVD) to establish a common language, then go into more complex issues, such as:

  • How accurate must conceptual estimates be to support investment decision making? How accurate can they be?
  • How to validate that a proposed project can be executed with acceptable risk? How to mitigate risks that are not statistically predictable?
  • How to realise the objective to engage everyone who touches or is touched by a constructed asset in its design and delivery?

Cases of successful TVD projects are presented. Challenges and opportunities for TVD are identified for discussion in the workshop.

Targeted Audience: Professionals taking part in design and construction projects; quantity surveyors; academics of construction management; students in construction management. The Workshop is open to all.

Glenn Ballard co-founded both the International Group for Lean Construction (1993) and the Lean Construction Institute (1997). He is currently a Research Associate at the Project Production Systems Laboratory, University of California Berkeley.

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