Co-funded by the Regional Growth Fund, the Institute of Railway Research (IRR) has opened its new £4.5M laboratory facility. The advanced test equipment supports both the IRR’s new Centre for Innovation in Rail (CIR) and the wider railway research activities of the IRR. The laboratory will significantly boost fundamental research output at the University, and within the UK; advancing the science of wheel-rail interaction vehicle dynamics, materials technology and emerging research areas such as remote condition monitoring systems (RCM) and Big Data analytics as part of the developing digital railway.

Under the context of the newly formed CIR, the facilities also provide an advanced dynamic testing capability for the trialling and approvals of vehicle and track systems. Our equipment also supports a range of existing virtual testing and expert modelling services provided by the wider IRR team. These include mechanical dynamics, design optimisation and Finite Element modelling. 

Our lab equipment includes:

Bogie rolling contact rig

The IRR has a full-scale rolling contact, adhesion and braking rig which has the capability to test a complete bogie assembly.

50t Advanced Dynamic Test Cell

The IRR’s advanced dynamic test cell provides a high load capacity facility for mechanical static and dynamic testing applications.

6-Axis Motion Platform

The IRR’s 6-axis motion platform has primarily been installed to support our vehicle dynamics investigations.

High Performance Computing (HPC) system

The IRRs high performance computing cluster is the engine behind the Institute’s developing expertise in data analytics and natural language processing.

Scaled laboratory test rigs

The IRRs Scaled laboratory test rigs include a 5th scale roller rig (1 bogie or single axle) and twin disk roller rig

Track and vehicle measuring equipment

The IRR has various track and vehicle measuring equipment.