Professor Liz Towns-Andrews

Welcome to the Northern Productivity Hub (NPH) in the Huddersfield Business School. The work of the research centre directly aligns with one of the University’s Areas of Strategic Research Importance aiming to support organisations and businesses to better understand and address productivity challenges and the complex factors which contribute to organisational and economic productivity improvement. NPH academic staff have significant expertise in multiple thematic areas to address national and regional productivity challenges. With slow UK productivity growth linked to multiple factors including: innovation challenges faced by SMEs, post Covid recovery and workforce health and wellbeing, this has never been a more important time for the centre to support societal and economic impact in such an important area.


The Northern Productivity Hub (NPH) is a multidisciplinary research centre operating within a broad spectrum of economics, finance, supply chain management, digital transformation and contemporary employment and organisations. The research agenda of the Centre aligns with a number of government policies strategies geared to supporting and expanding the economy including ‘Northern Powerhouse’ and ‘Build Back Better’.

Productivity is a central element in this aim, and the Centre recognises that people are at the heart of driving organisational productivity. A healthy and happy workforce has synergistic benefits for workplaces, productivity and the economy. The Northern Productivity Hub centres people throughout all its research and impact activity.

The Centre has ambitious aims to establish itself as a leading Research Centre and a key player in developing Productivity and Performance across an array or organisations through the application of theoretical knowledge in its key research themes.
To achieve this, the Centre is constantly looking to grow the research capability of its members and establish collaborative relationships, through which it can drive economic and societal impact from its research.

The Centre’s members have a diverse range of research interests, skills and expertise and relationships with stakeholders and partners around the world.


NPH Global Network

The Research Centre's members have professional connections with other academics, businesses and other stakeholders around the world.

Graphic that represents NPH global network

Research Themes

The NPH has four research themes that creates a centre structure to provide focused research leadership. Each theme is led by a Theme Leader. The themes complement each other to create a multidisciplinary research environment.


Impact & Engagement

NPH has a strong record of developing impact from its research, and engaging with individuals, businesses and the wider public.



NPH has a range of ongoing projects delivering high quality research and real world impact.


Publications and Outputs

NPH has a strong record for publishing consistently high quality research in internationally renowned publications.



NPH has a diverse membership and provides a home for researchers from across the School.


Postgraduate Research

NPH's Postgraduate researchers receive the highest quality support from experts in their fields.