The Northern Productivity Hub has a strong record of leading on exciting, world-class projects that contribute meaningfully to academic debates, as well as developing real world solutions to help organisations improve their practice.
Examples of some ongoing projects are:


URF funded research projects:

The impact of board diversity, plasticity and financial access on SME productivity: insights from the Northern Powerhouse
Leader: Dr Ruth Brooks
The aim is to research the impact of diversity of senior leadership, and their access to finance, upon productivity, focusing on SMEs across the private, public and third sector. The project takes interdisciplinary approach to understanding the impact of these factors on productivity in the Northern Powerhouse region.


Cloud Based Dynamic End-to-End Control Tower for Supply Chains, A Decision Support System
Leader: Dr Sahar Validi
This project, funded through the University’s funding for developing its Areas of Strategic Research Importance, this project aims to build a Cloud-Based Control Tower for Supply Chains specifically for SMEs. It will enable those firms to monitor their supply chains more effectively and identify and make decisions about how to mitigate problems as they come up, reducing their impact on the business.


Net Zero Innovation programme: ‘Mapping the tree planting supply chain in North Yorkshire & York to develop a scalable tool applicable more widely across Yorkshire’
Leader: Dr Sahar Validi
This externally funded project seeks to understand the supply chain involved in local authority tree-planting schemes – from growing the trees to planting them in the ground. The research will support a more efficient and effectively supply chain journey to support the Net Zero ambitions of local authorities across Yorkshire.


ESIF Leeds City Region Supply Chain Programme Project
Leader: Professor Liz Towns-Andrews


URF Centre for Biomimetics Societal Futures
Leader: Professor Liz Towns-Andrews