About Us

The Governance, Responsibility and Ethics (GRE) cluster are committed to bringing together a mix of stakeholders: researchers, regulators, business and communities, to tackle the Sustainable Development Goals and Net Zero target for the betterment of everyone. Our primary focus is upon joined up thinking: combining top-down and bottom-up perspectives to fuel change, in order to ensure that measures taken are achievable and fit for purpose. As such we have two core nodes of disciplinary alignment: climate action; and other SDG goals focused upon the human environment.

This cluster is currently working in the following areas:

Based on the Global Capability Framework REF2021 Impact Case Study, Gabriel Sadi has been working with international organizations to continue updating and extending the framework, both with countries through professional associations and/or academic partners and other types of supranational entities to adapt it to their specific needs. More to come on this soon.

Following a successful pilot project funded by the UK & Ireland chapter of the UN's Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), James Scott Vandeventer has co-founded the Management Educators Navigating Degrowth (MEND) collective with colleagues from the Universities of Exeter, York, East Anglia, Cambridge, and Middlesex. MEND, which uses dialogue to cultivate mutual learning about degrowth pedagogies in management education, has submitted a funding bid for £25,000 to the British Academy. The funding aims to support both deepening the existing collaboration and expanding MEND to develop a wider research network. Any early- or mid-career academics interested in degrowth pedagogies are encouraged to get in touch with James.

Dr Gemma Bend and Dr Sue Richardson are working on a funding application with Dr Jannine Williams from Queensland University of Technology in Australia on gender equality and the identification and removal of barriers to opportunity. In July 2022, Dr Pamela Anderson gave a Blue-Sky session on ‘CSR: Rhetoric or Reality - Nutrition and UK Food Manufacturers.’