Seminar Series Dates 2021

Tuesday, 28th September 15.15 – 17.15

‘A Beginners Guide to Impact Case Studies'

Gill Mooney, Research Impact Manager, Huddersfield Business School.

The session will also share practical tips and shared experiences from experienced Impact Case Study scholars; Professor Adrian Wood, Dr John Lever and Dr Alex Nikitas. 

Tuesday, 19th October 15.15 – 17.15

‘Journeying towards Net-Zero at the University of Huddersfield’

Patrick Flavin, Sustainability@Hud, University of Huddersfield.

Wednesday, 10 November 11.15 - 13.15

‘Beyond waste: exploring business and consumer engagement with the circular economy in the coffee shop industry.’ 

Dr Jennifer Ferreira, Centre for Business in Society, Centre for Business in Society, Coventry University.

The coffee shop has become a prominent feature in the modern retail consumptions cape, with the coffee shop industry experiencing significant growth in many countries across the globe since the early 2000s. Such patterns of growth have been accompanied by greater resource consumption and waste production in this retail sector. The circular economy has been heralded as a potential route to reduce energy consumption and waste production, with various efforts to encourage both business and consumers to reduce, reuse and recycle.

This seminar will report on findings from an investigation of how coffee businesses and their consumers in the UK and Germany have engaged with the circular economy. Based on fieldwork from across London, Manchester, Berlin and Munich this research shows there are a range of activities related to coffee shop consumption where businesses and consumer can, and do, engage in circular economy practices from individual reusable coffee cups, national coffee cup reuse schemes, the recycling of coffee grounds, to consumers seeking zero waste retail opportunities. The research highlights there are financial, structural, attitudinal and technological barriers to greater engagement in the circular economy, but that coffee shops can be important enablers for greater engagement, creating awareness of circular economy opportunities in different ways.

Thursday, 16 December 15.15- 17.15

‘The Meat Industry, Post Brexit Trade and Land Use.’

Dr Awal Fuseini, Visiting HBS Research Fellow and Halal Sector Manager ADBH