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The Centre for Sustainability, Responsibility, Governance and Ethics (SURGE)

Huddersfield Business School
The University of Huddersfield



Dr Fiona Cheetham

Deputy Director

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Prof Adrian Wood
Dr Alexandros Nikitas
Dr Amanda Warren Jones
Dr Andrew Jenkins
Dr Anthony Brown
Mr Bonfire Chimpango
Dr Cameila Vasilescu
Prof Chris Cowton
Dr Dennis Duty
Dr Eric Tchouamou Njoya
Dr Eshani Beddewela
Dr Fiona Cheetham
Dr Gabriel Sadi
Dr Gauthier De Beco
Dr James Scott Vandeventer
Ms Jo Thomas
Dr Joanne Szulc
Dr John Lever
Jonathan Collinson
Prof Julia Sloth-Nielson
Dr Julie Drake
Prof Kasim Sheikh
Dr Kay Smith
Dr Kikelomo Kila
Kirsten Jones
Lisa Du-Lieu
Ms Lynn Avison
Matthew Snell
Dr Mi Tran
Dr Muhibul Haq
Dr Nalia Anwar
Mrs Natalie Prowse
Dr Oluseyi Aju
Dr Omar Khaled Abdelrahman
Dr Omogboyega Abe
Pamela Anderson
Dr Paul Abba
Prof Paul Willis
Dr Qing Shan Ding
Mrs Ruth Brooks
Dr Sahar Validi
Ms Sarah Swift
Dr Simon Kelly
Prof Stuart Roper
Dr Susan Richardson
Dr Walter Mswaka