The work of the Energy, Emissions and Environment Research Group (EEERG) focuses on supporting national energy needs through research supported by the government, industry and the EU.

Through contributing to government policy and the development of educational programmes in the area of sustainable energy usage to address society’s needs, EEERG is developing new networks which are generating research and development projects in the area of innovative and effective conventional and renewable energy systems.

The Group’s main activities include the development of technologies to enable the use and distribution of energy resources both conventional and renewable. This includes development of micro turbine systems for homes, development of waste heat recovery systems, analysis and design of oil and gas system, pipeline and valve designs and development of newer technologies to improve performance of energy systems including  reliability analysis and life estimation of existing conventional and renewable energy systems.

The Group also works on developing fuel cells and energy management systems including power integration systems. Furthermore, the group also focusses on developing products to monitor energy systems such as off and on shore wind farms, compression ignition engines and combined heat and power systems.

Other important elements of the work include providing integrated consultancy services to local industries, involvement in international research and development activities and helping to develop community education through alternative energy centres.

Contact Us

If you would like to know more about our areas of expertise or wish to discuss research opportunities with the Energy, Emissions and the Environment Research Group then please contact our research group leader:

Group Leader: Dr Rakesh Mishra

Computing and Engineering
University of Huddersfield


01484 473263