Music Library

The music library houses a wide range of scores, recordings and videos, including extensive performing materials for solo, chamber, and is constantly being expanded in response to requests by staff and students. It maintains print and digital subscriptions to all major music periodicals. The library includes listening stations, PCs, and four group listening rooms. ‌

Also in the library, we keep The British Music Collection, an extensive collection of scores and recordings of 20th and 21st Century music. Scores of high profile composers such as Britten, Tippett, Birtwistle, Maxwell Davies, Cardew, Weir, MacMillan, Turnage and Adès are housed alongside those of emerging or lesser known composers.

‌The teaching facilities in the Richard Steinitz Building include: 

  • Four 'smart classroom' lecture rooms outfitted with cutting-edge audio/video hardware and software;
  • Two 24-seat Music Techonology Mac labs with MIDI keyboards and soundcards;
  • One 25-seat PC lab