The University of Huddersfield English and Creative Writing MA in Research and PhD Scholarships

English Literature and Creative Writing at Huddersfield has a strong international record of research excellence and was ranked fourth in the UK in 2014 for the quality of its research publications. This international team of scholars has a diverse and exciting range of interests including British and American contemporary literature, Renaissance studies, Victorian studies, the Romantics and the long eighteenth century, philosophy and literature.  Our research staff includes distinguished creative writers who lead a cohort of creative writers exploring the crossovers of literary research and creative writing.  We are home to the Ted Hughes Network, which promotes the work and life of this important poet and those closely associated with him. We are also involved with a number of projects including the Bronte Stones project and the Lady Anne Clifford project.  We provide many opportunities for our students through our close connection with the Huddersfield Literature Festival. Through these and other on-going projects we and our students explore the intersections between public engagement and research. The University of Huddersfield’s unique location and excellent transport links make the UK’s vast public and private research resources easily accessible.  We are a friendly close-knit,  and yet international research community which integrates staff, PhD and MA students along with ambitious undergraduates into a supportive network in order to advance the research interest and careers of all. 

We provide our research students with excellent facilities, world-leading researchers as supervisors, and a vibrant research community.  The University of Huddersfield has recently been awarded the Higher Education Academy’s Global Teaching Excellence Award 2017. Research students are provided with robust institutional support that includes training in areas designed to enhance employability and research success.

In order to build our research community further, we are offering the partial-tuition scholarships listed below (up to 50% of the tuition fee) to applicants with a record of achievement and a strong research proposal.  Additionally, we are happy to consider qualified applicants in any of the following areas and may offer additional scholarships to strong candidates. 

The University of Huddersfield’s Ted Hughes Network PhD Scholarship:  PhD proposals welcome from students interested in exploring any aspect of the work of the Poet Laureate Ted Hughes

The University of Huddersfield’s Contemporary Poets Project PhD Scholarship: PhD proposals welcome from students interested in exploring any aspect of the work of 20th and 21st century poets.

The Lady Anne Clifford PhD scholarship in Renaissance women’s writing: PhD proposals welcome from students interested in exploring any aspect of women’s writing in the sixteenth and seventeenth century.

The Canal and Rivers Trust Literature and Travel in the Nineteenth Century PhD scholarship: PhD proposals welcome from students interested in exploring the intersections between literature travel in the nineteenth-century, which may engage with canals, railroads, and or other means of travel. 

The New Pastoral PhD scholarship: PhD proposals welcome from students interested in engaging any form of creative writing in order to explore aspects of nature writing in contemporary Britain.

Shakespeare and Renaissance Environmentalism PhD scholarship: PhD proposals welcome from students interested in representations of nature in the drama of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, or the non-dramatic poetry of the sixteenth- and seventeenth-centuries.

Eighteenth-century and Romantic Literatures of Feeling PhD scholarship: PhD proposals are welcome from students interested in any aspect of affect, feeling, passion or sensibility in the eighteenth-century or Romantic literature in relation to its contexts including (but not limited to) science, medicine, philosophy, politics, revolution and war.

The Life-course and Literature PhD scholarship: PhD proposals welcomed from scholars employing an ageing studies perspective in the study of contemporary literature and culture.

We welcome informal inquiries, please contact the staff member whose research most nearly matches your area of interest.

To apply follow the link below.  If you wish to be considered for one of the above tuition scholarships please identify the scholarship you wish to be considered for at the beginning of your proposal.   We may offer strong candidates with proposals in any area a scholarship towards their tuition fees at our discretion.

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