Dr Merrick Burrow

Head of English Literature and Creative Writing | 01484 472685

Dr Todd Andrew Borlik

Senior Lecturer, Admissions Tutor | 01484 473559

Professor Heather Clark

Professor of Contemporary Poetry, Director Centre for International Contemporary Poetry

Dr Mary Chadwick

Research Fellow, Autobiographical Acts-- Leverhulme Project

Dr Steve Ely

Senior Lecturer, Director Ted Hughes Network | 01484 472783

Dr Sarah Falcus

Reader, PGR Coordinator | 01484 470161 213(5084)

Professor Jessica Malay

Professor of English Renaissance Literature, PI Autobiographical Acts—Leverhulme Project, Research Coordinator | 01484 473592

Dr Daniel Patterson

Research Fellow, Autobiographical Acts--Leverhulme Project

Dr David Rudrum

Senior Lecturer, Chair SAVP | 01484 472683

Dr Michael Stewart

Reader, Course Leader for Creative Writing | 01484 471883

Dr Jodie Matthews

Reader, Recruitment tutor | 01484 471455

Dr James Underwood

Senior Lecturer, Deputy Director Ted Hughes Network, Joint and Combined Student tutor