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Professor Sarah Bastow

Professor of Early Modern History

Religious history of England and Europe in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries; the material culture of Catholic piety. 

Dr Lindsey Dodd

Reader in History

France in the Second World War (Vichy, Occupation, Resistance), in particular the experiences of children. 

Professor Barry Doyle

Professor of Health History

Early twentieth century urban history, especially urban politics; the history of hospitals before the NHS; and the development of European welfare states.

Dr Robert Ellis

Reader in History

Histories of madness and mental health care. 

Dr Rebecca Gill

Reader in History

The history of modern war, humanitarian aid and Empire.

History Postgraduate Coordinator 

Professor Katherine Lewis

Professor of Medieval History

Medieval saints’ cults; lay masculine identities; late medieval representations of crusading. 

Professor Tim Thornton

Professor of History

Late medieval and early modern political and social history of the British Isles, especially non-English territories of the crown.

Dr Alexander von Lünen

Senior Lecturer

Digital history and spatial history; the scientific culture of Nazi Germany. 

Emeritus and Visiting Researchers

Staff Role Contact
Professor Keith Laybourn Emeritus Professor 

Professor Wendy Webster

Emeritus Professor

Professor Richard Morris

Emeritus Professor


Professor David Taylor


Emeritus Professor

Professor Christine Hallet

Emeritus Professor  

Professor Glenn Foard

Emeritus Professor