Wednesday 11 April

08:00 Registration - Oastler Building (OA4/01)

University of Huddersfield Professor Parikshit Goswami (Head of Department of Fashion and Textiles)


University of Huddersfield Joanne Harris and Jo Conlon (Senior Lecturers and Conference Organisers)


Keynote Speaker
Sabin Design Lab (Principal) and Cornell University (Assistant Professor), Jenny Sabin
Matter Design Computation: Biosynthesis and New Paradigms of Making

10:30 Break
Session 1 - New Material Forms

University of Leeds Jane Scott (Senior Teaching Fellow)
How to Programme a Textile: Biomimicry and the Design of Environmentally Responsive Knitted Fabrics

Rasa Weber Rasa Weber and Luisa Rubisch (Founders and Creative Directors)
Material Design Strategies: How to Create Narratives Through Material Research

MMT Dr Veronika Kapsali (Technical Director)
Towards systematic biometric textile: a case study in technology transfer from biology to man-made textiles

Sally Angharad (Freelance Trend Consultant and Design Writer)
Mindful Materials: Trends in Surfaces, Textures and Finishes - Focusing on Health and Wellbeing

Manchester Metropolitan University Dr Annie Shaw (Director of Studies for the Department of Design) and Matt Ault (Senior Lecturer)
New Behaviours in Material Form

Q&A Session

12:15 Lunch

Keynote Speaker
WhichPLM Ben Hanson (Senior Contributor and Analyst)
The Digital Transformation of Design

13:55      Session 2 - Digital Futures

PTC Mark Lyness (Retailer and Consumer UK Manager)
PTC and next generation of smart connectivity in textile manufacture

Manchester Metropolitan University Dr Abu Sadat Muhammad Sayem (Research Associate) and Jenipriya Sebastian (Master's student)
Avatar Morphing for Virtual Fashion Prototyping

EFI Optitex Jamie Symon (Senior Sales & Channel Development Manager)
From Design to Production: Digitizing the Textile Industry Workflow

WTiN Tansy Fall (Editor - Industry Digitalisation)
Turning disruption into innovation - uniting the supply chain

Q&A Session

15:05 Break with tea, coffee and cake
15:25     Session 3 - Towards Sustainable Futures

Prospex Institute Valérie Boiten (Junior Consultant and Researcher)
Joint effort: mobilising stakeholders and consumers in the collection of textile waste

Páramo Esther Inwood Young (Designer: Specialist in Materials & Colour Trend Development)
2020 Vision - Páramo's Journey towards Circularity

Ecofoot Jaime Rocha Gomes (CEO)
Sustainability of the Textile Dyeing and Finishing Industry by Micro/Nano Encapsulation of Products and Complexing of Dyes with Polymers

Re-think Solutions Catherine Weetman (Director)
Rethinking Textiles for the Circular Economy

Bolton University Faye Power (Lecturer)
Practice/Process/Place: A Study of the Walking Practices of Women and the Process of Narrative Cartography

Q&A Session


Plenary, drinks reception and networking event - Richard Steinitz Building Atrium
Research poster presentations by MA students from Art, Design and Architecture


Thursday 12 April

08:00 Registration - Oastler Building (OA4/01)
09:00 Welcome

Keynote Speaker
University of Portsmouth Professor Joan Farrer (Associate Dean Enterprise and Innovation, Professor of Design and Innovation)
Design Thinking and Transdisciplinarity: Methods for Innovation

10:15 Break
10:35 Session 4 - Advanced Manufacturing

Camira Fabrics Catherine Counsell (Design and Development Manager)
Making a Material Difference

Flexciton Jamie Potter (CEO)
Industry 4.0: How Artificial Intelligence can optimise Planning and Scheduling

MTiX Pravin Mistry (President and CEO)
Multiplexed laser surface enhancement (MLSE®) technology for synthesis of novel material compositions and surface modification for a range of textile applications

Twine Solutions LTD Yariv Bustan (VP Product and Marketing)
Innovation Start from the Basics

Knowledge Transfer Network Brian J McCarthy (Knowledge Transfer Manager - Advanced Materials for Functional Systems)
Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN): Funding for Innovation

Q&A Session

12:00 Lunch, workshops and networking opportunity
13:00 Session 5 - Choice of Breakout Sessions

Session 5A (OA4/02): The Textiles web workshop: explore how our choice of fibres influences the process of textile manufacture and recovery, and how it connects to the wider world - land, water, energy, society and living system

Session 5B (OA4/01): Academic Research Papers

The University of Chichester and Northampton University Dorota Watson (Senior Academic Curriculum Consultant - UoC) and Iain Bromley (Senior Lecturer Fashion Marketing - Northampton)
PLM second life and more: PLM in Fashion Education and the UK Market

Kent State University Linda Ohrn-McDaniel (Associate Professor)
US Knit Education - How Can We Catch Up?

Kenyatta University Mercy Wanduara (Lecturer and Chairperson Fashion Design Marketing)
Deconstruction Inscriptions in the Lesso as a Heritage Item of Wear for Kenyan People

Louisiana State University and Oregon State University Casey Stannard (Assistant Professor - Louisiana) and Kathy Mullet (Associate Professor - Oregon)
Materials in the craft design process: Two theoretical models

Q&A Session

14:20 Break with tea, coffee and cake
14:40 Session 6 - Biological Circular Economy

NEFFA, Amsterdam Aniela Hoitink (Research, Textile and Concept Design)
Why do we still make clothes that last for 40 years if we only wear them 1 or 2 years max?

PDR - International Centre for Design and Research, Cardiff University Dr Katie Beverley (Research Officer)
Thinking beyond the product: how design methods can support the development of innovative business models

Biomimicry UK Richard James MacCowan (Founder)
Nature as the New Normal

Manchester Metropolitan University Jane Wood (Senior Lecturer (Textile Technology))
Bacterial Cellulose: A New Material for Millinery

Q&A Session

16:00 Plenary and close


The programme schedule could change due to unforeseen circumstances outside the control of the organisers.