The School of Art, Design and Architecture welcomes interdisciplinary research. The following details a number of potential supervisors in the School

Dr Sonja Andrew

Dr Sonja Andrew

Senior Lecturer • 01484 473114

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Prof Rina Arya

Prof Rina Arya

Professor of Visual Culture and Theory

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Dr Rowan Bailey - Sculptural Thinking

Dr Rowan Bailey

Director of Graduate Research Education • 01484 471837

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Profile photo of Dr Stella Baraklianou

Dr Stella Barkalianou

Senior Lecturer • 01484 471251

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Dr Claire Barber

Dr Claire Barber

Senior Lecturer • 01484 472061

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Profile photo of Dr Alison Carr

Dr Alison Carr

Lecturer • 01484 471849

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Dr Traacy Cassidy

Tracy Cassidy

Research Centre Director and Reader in Fashion and Textiles • 01484 472653

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Professor Nic Clear

Prof Nic Clear

Head of Architecture and 3D Design • 01484 471592

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Prof Alex Coles

Prof Alex Coles

Research Centre Director and Professor of Art, History and Cultural Theory • 01484 471442

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Dr Ioanni Delsante - Centre for Urban Design, Architecture and Sustainability

Dr Ioanni Delsante

Reader • 01484 472622

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Dr Liam Devlin

Dr Liam Devlin

Director of Internationalisation • 01484 471021

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Dr Danilo Di Mascio

Dr Danilo Di Mascio

Lecturer • 01484 471812

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Dr James Dyer

Dr James Dyer

Lecturer • 01484 473239

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Dr Yun Gao - CUDAS

Dr Yun Gao

Departmental Lead in Teaching and Learning • 01484 472629

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Profile photo of Amir Gohar

Dr Amir Gohar

Senior Lecturer in Landscape Architecture • 01484 473767

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Dr Danilo Gomes

Danilo Gomes

Lecturer • 01484 471812

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Profile photo of Parik Goswami

Prof Parik Goswami

Acting Head of Fashion and Textiles

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Dr Alex Griffin - CUDAS

Dr Alexander Griffin

Senior Lecturer • 01484 471824

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Jade Halbert

Dr Jade Halbert

Dr Jade Halbert • 01484 472944

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Dr Andrew Hebden

Research Fellow

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Profile photo of Andrew Hewitt

Dr Andrew Hewitt

Lecturer • 01484 473972

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Profile photo of Dr Dale Holmes

Dr Dale Holmes

Senior Lecturer • 01484 472243

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Dr Omar Ivan Huerta Cardoso

Dr Omar Ivan Huerta Cardoso

Lecturer • 01484 472110

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Profile photo of Dr Roddy Hunter

Dr Roddy Hunter

Director of Teaching and Learning • 01484 472139

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Profile photo of Austin Houldsworth

Dr Austin Houldsworth


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Professor Lauri Koskela

Prof Lauri Koskela

Professor of Construction and Project Management • 01484 472892

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Profile photo of Johnny Lindley

Dr Jonathan Lindley

Lecturer in Animation

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Dr Jade Whitson-Smith

Dr Jade Lord

Senior Lecturer • 01484 472056

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Dr Chamindi Malalgoda

Dr Chamindi Malalgoda

Senior Lecturer • 01484 473543

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Profile photo of Shama Parveen

Dr Shama Parveen

Research Assistant

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Profile photo of Anneke Pettican

Dr Anneke Pettican

Departmental Lead in Teaching and Learning • 01484 472207

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Professor Adrian Pitts - CUDAS

Prof Adrian Pitts

Professor of Sustainable Architecture • 01484 473288

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Dr Anna Powell

Dr Anna Powell

Senior Lecturer • 01484 473287

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Dr Yan Wang Preston

Dr Yan Wang Preston


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Profile photo of Sohel Rana

Dr Sohel Rana

Lecturer • 01484 471636

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Dr Spencer Roberts

Dr Spencer Roberts

Senior Lecturer • 01484 471817

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Profile photo of Dr Alison Rowley

Dr Alison Rowley

Reader in Cultural Theory • 01484 473130

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Dr Helen Ryall

Dr Helen Ryall

Senior Lecturer • 01484 472532

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Dr Timothy Smith

Research Fellow

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Algan Tezel - IDL

Algan Tezel

Lecturer • 01484 472939

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Dr Amanda Tinker

Dr Amanda Tinker

Academic Skills Co-ordinator • 01484 473704

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Profile photo of Dr Jill Townsley

Dr Jill Townsley

Senior Lecturer • 01484 473232

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Profile phot of Patricia Tzortzopoulos

Prof Patricia Tzortzopoulos Fazenda

Director of IDL, Associate Dean of Research • 01484 471827

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Profile photo of Dr Ertu Unver

Dr Ertu Unver

Principal Enterprise Fellow • 01484 473747

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Profile photo of Dr Simon Woolham

Dr Simon Woolham


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Dr Hazem Ziada

Senior Lecturer • 01484 472652

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