About the exhibition

The Nocturne exhibition showcased the experimental film and and writing of the same name by Stella Baraklianou. These works are the outcome of Baraklianou’s residency at St Petersburg, Russia June 2018-May 2019.  The film is a collaborative work exploring the life and work of piano composer John Field (b Dublin 1782-Moscow 1837). It includes sound and performance by musician Katelyn Clark.

An earlier, experimental edit of the film Nocturne (not the final gallery version) and an audio recording of Stella Baraklianou reading the Nocturne writing can be found below. The following is an extract from Nocturne:

Let’s begin with a square; not any square but a small, black, square, just a black rectangle. Appearing inside this perfect square the figures of musical notes, forming eventually a musical score. It is an invisible score, one of unfinished streaks of black on black, with brush strokes so thick it resembles some kind of trembling, living organism breathing in the depths of blackness.

Stella Baraklianou

 The Nocturne film was first shown at the Electric Spring Festival, Huddersfield, February 2019.

Experimental writing for Nocturne. Written and read by Dr Stella Baraklianou

A short experimental edit of the video Nocturne, June 2018.  
Stella Baraklianou - direction, film, photography 
Katelyn Clark - piano, performance 
St. Petersburg Art Residency


About the researcher

Dr Stella Baraklianou is an artist, Senior Lecturer at the University of Huddersfield and online tutor for the MA Photography, Falmouth University. Baraklianou works with photography, digital image and film, expanding into fabrication and installation. She uses a methodology of 'reversibles,' rooted in the highly reflective gold, shifting between reality, representation, archive and artifice. Her practice has been influenced by childhood memories of living between two continents, Europe and Australia.

Baraklianou has published academic papers on philosophy and photography. Her international exhibitions and residencies include, amongst others, Photography is Magic, Aperture Foundation, New York, 2016 curated by Charlotte Cotton and New Materiality residency, at the Banff, Centre for Arts, Alberta, Canada. Her work is held in private art collections in Los Angeles and the Paul D. Fleck Archive of Artists Books at the Banff Centre for Arts, Alberta, Canada. Find out more about Baraklianou’s work and exhibitions here.